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Dream Journal: 2 December, 2016

Last night, I talked in my sleep a lot. I dreamt of fighting and screaming and odd social situations. There are three portions of my dream that I can recall, so here they are, in chunks: 1. The first portion I remember happening is trying to log into a website and my brother kept getting…… Continue reading Dream Journal: 2 December, 2016

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Throw Back Thursday: Dream State

Swaying Stalks In a caress of light All one can Do is rest in the night Breezes gently   Float on by Sighing sweetly Dreams are nye Spirit floating Into air Winds are tugging at my hair Mind releases Brow marked with creases Relaxes; forgets thought comes in torrents Just simple words At first say…… Continue reading Throw Back Thursday: Dream State

Original Work · Poetry · Throw Back Thursday

Throw Back Thursday: Independent

A crack of light shimmers through the front door then a creak then a bang then a silhouette I cry, I scream A breathless, sobbing moan You’ve left me again there I sit alone One after another they come they fail each one that touches me, hugs me, kisses me, I love them, but to…… Continue reading Throw Back Thursday: Independent

Original Work · Poetry · Throw Back Thursday

Throw Back Thursday: Creator

Flowers flow free and fly As winds blow their stalks Swaying on the horizon Back and forth See the majesty of the breeze Which makes trees bend and Picks up leaves.   Flowers float freely and fan Across the rushing water Bobbing beneath the surface Up and down See the power of deluge Which shapes…… Continue reading Throw Back Thursday: Creator