Welcome to Dew Drop Dreams!


So Here’s What’s Happening

My posts are divvied up by categories. There is, as mentioned, the #ThrowBackThursdays posts, that come from my Blogspot blog from when I studied abroad in Wales. Then, there are the #OriginalWorks pieces. These include any new prose or poetry that come outta my own head. Yes, even the #DreamJournal posts are included here, even though I separate them out from the #Poems and #Prose.

From there, there are #Research articles that you will soon be seeing more of. This category, maybe surprisingly, will be the broadest. Within this tag, I will be doing book reviews – both fiction and non-fiction. I will include researched articles about general topics I have questions on; forewarning for ya: that includes just about everything. I’m toying with the idea of taking any questions I receive from you guys and doing Fan FAQ Friday posts within this category, too. Basically, if you want to see something researched and posted about, then ask a good, specific, question and I will get you some answers.

I am a PoliSci major with a history in Anthropological and Historical studies and Biology. Yes, those are all majors I have declared within my college career, laugh all you like. And on top of that I have computer-centric family and a wonderfully gifted mechanical and musical partner. My experiences are varied and well-rounded, but if you think I’m missing something, you are free to call me on it.

I can’t wait to watch this site bloom through interactions with all of you, so please comment, subscribe and check back for more as time goes on!