More On Me, The Author

Meet Me, Jessika Searles

…Even though I prefer Jessa. Hiya!

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I am a graduating Political Science major that has always an existential interest in the pen. I have been writing this blog, technically, since 2012 – those posts you will see as #ThrowBackThursdays. However, I’ve been taking a little hiatus from online authorship while I’ve figured out my life. School, work, family and friends: I needed to decide where I wanted all of these things to be before I spread myself too thin writing online, on top of everything else. I pray you’ll forgive the “laziness.”

But that’s a big reason that I’ve come back to this blog and reinvested in it! I am hoping that through an online display of my works and through the interconnectedness of online social media, I can perhaps practice freelance writing. By no means do I claim expertise on any given topic, so I thought, “Why not show people the variety of things that I can do for them!”

Writing is meddlesome. Writing is troublesome. Writing is tiresome. And sometimes, you just don’t want to do the writing all on your lonesome. So here I am!

Freelance writers are great because if you just shoot me a quick, short email about what you hope I can do for you, I may just be able to help you out. I can write emails and letters; I can write holiday cards and newsletters; I can write resumes and CVs; I can write those things that stress you out because, “Where do you put that comma? Where do you click to format that photo? Where in the world do you find a picture that isn’t copyrighted?”

And from there, don’t even get me started on the boundless ways that I could help you even just to edit your little bits and bobs. I’m here for you, my friend.

Through this site, I hope to share myself with you and I hope to share my work with you. If you need help with something, that’s great. If you just want to come and lose yourself in some random writings, that’s wonderful. If you have a question, ask away!

My email is:

And if you find me through social media, I aim to respond – even with just a snippet – within 24 hours.

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