Dream Journal · Original Work

Dream Journal: 2 December, 2016

Last night, I talked in my sleep a lot. I dreamt of fighting and screaming and odd social situations. There are three portions of my dream that I can recall, so here they are, in chunks:

1. The first portion I remember happening is trying to log into a website and my brother kept getting in the way of the screen. Then the site just began to delete my email address from the “username” bar before I could enter my password. I was so infuriated with this continuous loop of frustration that I beat my brother and screamed at him to “GET AWAY” and scratched him with sharpened talons.

2. Then, I was at someone’s bachelorette party – not my own. The girls gathered were being so juvenile and ridiculous, playing with a can of Heinz “Spotted Dick” that I got up and walked out the door and that is when part 3 began.

3. I was walking down a sloping, wooded path. And I should mention that the colors of this dream felt cool and gilded in silver.

In the bright silver sunlight at the end of the path, I saw the silhouette of a sleek, slim wolf. Herself bright silvery white coat came into focus and I was so frustrated with the rest of my night, and frightened of her intentions, that I squatted down, ready to pounce back. I flung my arms open and screamed. A deep, guttural, primal scream.

I frightened her and she paused, squatted down herself, and kept on approaching me. A deep, instinctual calm flowed over and across me and I was engulfed in her gaze. I immediately felt that I was safe. She meant me no harm and actually was looking for the physical comfort that I was also craving. She hugged me, in the way that canines do – crown of the head connecting with my body along the full length of its snout. We snuggled together in comfort and I was blissful. Even when I turned my head to the see dark, silvery grey wolf watching us silently from a few feet away.

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