Word of the Nerd dot com

logoWord of the Nerd is a site I peruse and use, myself. I do actually also volunteer for them for an editor’s credit. This post is just a little blurb shout out to them, but also to tell you guys some more about their site.

Recently, I posted a book review that I did for them in October 2016. I linked you to their site and some of their different pages on the various topics they write about. The staff at Word of the Nerd is committed to getting geek news out to its readers as often as possible. Whether that be in the form of book, comic, or episode reviews; via podcasts; or through press releases, Word of the Nerd is dedication to serving the nerd community as a hub of information.

The site was founded by Bryan Brown as a blog in 2007 and is now going into its tenth year providing independent information to the geekdom it serves. They are actually hiring right now, as well, if you have experience with writing or editing and would like to join the fun!

I just thought I would follow up my review with this little tidbit post of information for you all, so you know exactly where to go to find more articles just like that one.


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