Original Work · Poetry · Throw Back Thursday

Throw Back Thursday: Independent

stary night

A crack of light shimmers through

the front door

then a creak

then a bang

then a silhouette

I cry, I scream

A breathless, sobbing moan

You’ve left me again

there I sit alone

One after another they come

they fail

each one that touches me,

hugs me,

kisses me,

I love them,

but to no avail.

cracked door








For years, I cried myself to sleep

burdened by the fear in me

Now I can cry no more,

the tears come,

but I refuse to let them fall


I’m okay alone I guess


I can live a life loveless

I just go back

to where you started it all

that place in my mind

Where no one can enter but me

lying on the floor

simply curled in a ball.

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