Original Work · Poetry · Throw Back Thursday

Throw Back Thursday: Creator

flowers-in-the-breeze-marlene-robbinsFlowers flow free and fly

As winds blow their stalks

Swaying on the horizon

Back and forth

See the majesty of the breeze

Which makes trees bend and

Picks up leaves.


Flowers float freely and fan

Across the rushing water

Bobbing beneath the surface

Up and down

See the power of deluge

Which shapes the land and

Creates animals’ refuge.

Flowers in waterNotes float to create a moat

of worship for the one

that has created

the wonders of the world:

Dangling vines

and Massive towers.

He brings his children joyous toys

with which they may play

He delights to give them what they need.


He creates the flood,

He creates the breeze.


If these are your photos, please let me know. I try to give credit where I can. Alternatively, if you would like them removed, again, let me know.

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