Original Work · Poetry · Throw Back Thursday


This poem comes from a night I had when I was younger where I couldn’t sleep. I had a horrible waking nightmare that night, and decided to jot this story down about it; because, it’s one night I still can’t get out of my head.henry fuseli the nightmare 1781


I went downstairs and sat on my couch

I can’t sleep

I won’t dream

Everything pleasant has left my soul

I’m being haunted

With the horrible feeling of being alone


I know I’m not

I feel your presence

You’re Screaming

Are you a woman?

You tell someone to leave you alone

A man yells back

Tells you you aren’t good enough

I hear his hands beat you

You scream –

I’m being haunted

By the soul of the abused

I wish I could do something

But where are they?

I wish I could help

But I can’t

These monsters are horrible

I wish they would just kill me.

Consume me

They think I can’t.

But I hear them.

They’re planning to

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