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Throw Back Thursday: Prayer

This prayer was posted on 4 February, 2011. I honestly could tell you what was going on then, when I came up with this, but I choose not to. It is fine without context, knowing that I could rework this piece to be used in a future, longer piece. It is simply a prayer of thought:

prayer hands

A life without something to live for is hopeless.  And how can you live for something as fickle as the human beings that have created the word?

My passion for life and living and staying alive come from a source deeper than anything now measurable.  It is undefinable.  We who have limitied sight and limited creativity cannot see the endlessness of this pool filled with love and friendship.  Everything comes from this pool however.  All my talents, all my dreams and goals, everything that makes up my being comes from this pool.  Slowly we people drain it and we can either add back to the loss we’ve caused by using our selves to help others and to show love and kindness and patience and companionship to those around us.

We’ve been given responsibilities by this deposition that’s been given to us and for me, that is what I live for.  To fulfill the obligations that I have been entrusted with.  It kills me when I discover that I can’t always do this and I get stubborn and angry and impatient and mean.  But over time I learn peace and understanding and the will to keep going with the job I’ve been handed.

I pray this prayer tonight, in full openness and acceptance.  I decide the path I take, whether that of patience and respect and peace or that which is fraught with turmoil and pain and hate.  Life culminates into this final decision and while we cannot always be completely at one end of the spectrum or the other in this dichotomy, I pray to be closer to the side of love.  Love comes first.  Love comes second.  Love comes third.  It’s what this world needs and I want to give it back to this earth.

I hope you enjoyed. It’s a little heavy-handed, but I am honestly liking the story it tells.

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