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Throw Back Thursday: The Beginning

Colors 21,8,2014I thought I’d do a fun – and lazy – series for all of us here, and share with everyone some of my earliest writings. Scratched on the stone tablets of yesteryear (or old notebooks, that is), I have dug these up to peruse and laugh at. Revisions may happen, so don’t go reading ahead, you cheeky devils: you might just be disappointed. With each, I will provide what context I will remember, but I warn you, I was a zit-faced, goth-wannabee preteen that watched way too much horror and read far too much Poe: some of these (ahem, most) are pretty bad and pretty morbid. XOXO, her we go:

The first one I shall post is shorter, rhymed couplets, and is the second in my first journal of what I dubbed Poems of the Insane Mind.


There are many colors all around to see,

if only colors could live in harmony.

They’d dance merrily and happily they’d play,

But nothing could ever live this way.

For if it did, which it never could,

Life would be boring, which life never should.

No one could get hurt; no one would die.

In either way of life, I think I would cry.

There has to be pain,

Or there is no gain.

That is why the colors stay true,

to their natural ways: God’s given hue.

And there it is. What a gem, eh? As the title suggests, I hope to post one of these every Thursday until I run out of old poetry – which might take a while – but I will definitely try to find some better quality (at least I hope you’ll think so). Whatever you might think, feel free to leave some commentary below: this should be great practice for taking on some criticisms, so hit me with your best shot!

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