Leg 1: Atlanta to Council Bluffs with Stops in Birmingham, Nashville, St. Louis, and Metropolis

Tennessee Sign InstaToday, my cousin and I embarked on a roadtrip to move her to Redding. It’s going to be a long drive, but we are taking it in stages, with the first stage being a weekend stop in the Omaha/Council Bluffs area to see and catch up with some family. I will do a post with all pictures of our time here in Omaha, but for now, I will share a few from our drive and share the story.

We meant to leave at 5:00 (ET), but neither of us woke up until 5:30, so we ended leaving about an hour later than we hoped. The first few hours of the trip went blissfully by; because, we are both used to the drive from Atlanta to Birmingham. We were at my brother’s house in a snap – to drop off my car so that I can drive home after I fly back in from California – and back on the road in no time to begin the trek towards St. Louis to perhaps meet some of her friends for a late lunch or such.

Giant SignageBy the time we got to Illinois, it was getting later than we had anticipated; although, we were still making great time, in retrospect. I missed the “Welcome to Illinois” sign at the border, so we stopped off in Metropolis and enjoyed some Superman sort of fangirling (pictures below). By the time we were to St. Louis we realized we wouldn’t be in to my aunt’s house (our host for the weekend) until 1Am at the pace we were already going – this didn’t even calculate the time for stopping to eat or say hey.

We decided to drive on through and just try to push to Council Bluffs. Mind you, my cousin has still not told me that she wants to take a break from driving, so she is on her 9th to 10th hour of driving (almost) straight. The rest of the trip was dark and there wasn’t much to be seen, and as it got darker, and later, we became more tired and punch drunk, so really there was only some random joking around and looking for an open Starbucks that was not to be found. Reaching into the last hour, we both realized we were not going to make it if we didn’t get out, stretch, and use the restroom (we had only stopped three times the entire day to do these things). And thence, we paused at a lovely little country gas station, in the middle of nowhere, used their amazing heated toilet seats, bought some energy drinks – just in case – and awkwardly fell back into the car to try to make it to our resting place. And we made it in around 1:30, passed out, and slept for a good solid block.

Leg 1 Embroidery

Now, I’m sitting here, drinking some Vitamin C at 12:30 (CST) the next night. Enjoying the pause in the road, and longing for a good snuggle with my little beast. I can’t wait to explore a part of the country that I have no memories in, even if it means taking an elongated break from my little one and the comforts of my provincial home.


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