Puppy-pocalypse 2014: Weeks 3-5

Cucu on PencilGrowth is quick in puppies. But I know that I only have a limited amount of time in this stage, in this year, and I should do my best to utilize it to the fullest.

He learns quickly. I taught him “sit” in a couple of hours, and now he knows “lay down,” “hi-5,” “stand,” “turn around,” and can “roll over”  onto his back to have his belly petted and “stay” while I set his food and water bowls in their places. Other sorts of training will come when we find a trainer that can teach him, and me: things like teaching him not to bite and potty training are being learned, but could definitely use a professional’s touch to perfect.

I wish that I could slow down his growth and keep that puppy love all for myself, but he is a sociable and loving dog, and when he is fully grown, he will be beautiful, strong, and, for fair warning, probably look pretty intimidating.

Bottom line is: I love this little guy, and while we both have a lot of training still to come, I know we can do almost anything we put our minds towards (he is already learning how to “knock” at doors to tell us he wants in, but I think this one is a little more natural for him).

If y’all have a dog, at what age did you begin really “training” them?

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