Puppy-pocalypse 2014: Week 2

So I got some feedback from my last post and it seems that I came across as not wholeheartedly loving my new pup. I think this came across this way because I was feeling overwhelmed with the adjustments that I was making to accommodate this new life that I am responsible for. This is the reason this series is called “puppy-pocalypse”; because, it’s the end of my world as I knew it. Everything must shift, and I am so excited for it, even if I could never expect all the different ways that this would happen.

I have had a wonderful time taking him to introduce to my family and explore new places. I like to believe that he is loving it, too. Now – after having been at my parents’ place for four days – we are back at my apartment and readjusting to our real home. He had a blast at my parents’. With so many people to play with and so many rooms to sniff through, I think he thoroughly enjoyed it. Being there was reassuring for me, too; because I would come home from grabbing Starbucks with my cousin, and hear that he whimpered when I left like he already missed me. While I don’t want him to form any separation anxiety issues, it is nice to hear that he recognizes me as his “momma.” I love him so much: it is one of my biggest fears that he would end up not loving me back, so this was nice to know.

And speaking of my love for him, we both went through a a little hell last night when I took him our for a walk and my neighbor’s dog attacked him. It managed to escape from its collar and take him down. I luckily held on to his leash and pulled him out of her reach repeatedly, until I could snatch him up into my arms without worrying about getting my arm torn into. He was, blessedly, fine, but I screamed my head off like a crazy person (I’m sure I looked laughable if there were a video of it). I definitely think I as more shaken up than he was. I have since spoken to the property’s front desk and animal control about this (my guess) 80 pound pit bull mix that has something against my poor pup, and they have visited. From now on, I will walk with my pepper spray ready to shoot, just in case this dog happens to be out at the same time as us.

On top of this, my poor man has fleas that I think he got from our carpets which had fleas of the beginning of this school year, and have respawned due to my neglect of cleaning (and killing) those under my bookcase. Luckily, I got flea stuff this weekend and have applied that, and will be bombing the apartment Thursday when I will be taking him to his vet visit in Birmingham.

Now to end on a positive note. This little guy is so much fun, so smart, and so cuddly. When I got him, he seemed so small, but just in a little over a week’s time he has grown so much. And while I can’t wait to see him get older and understand me better, I also wish I could keep him puppy soft and sweet forever – I know that I will end up missing these days when he grows up. As always, please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think – any advice, etc. – and here is the question of the post: If you could have a mutt with any breeds you choose, what would be your ideal breed mix (whether based on looks or personality or both)? And here’s a photo:

It's a little blurry but it's hard to catch a photo of him sometimes, okay?
It’s a little blurry but it’s hard to catch a photo of him sometimes, okay?

Update as of 5:45pm: So the dog that attacked Cucu has been asked to leave the complex, as, it turns out, the dog wasn’t registered with management. It should be out by 9am tomorrow morning. I feel bad that a family (or perhaps two) had to lose their dog, but I refuse not to report a dog getting overly aggressive and getting loose: not just for the sake of my dog, but for the sake of other pets and other residents.

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