Puppy-pocalypse 2014: Week 1

Last Saturday I got a dog. Not that cutie patootie that I showed you guys, but his brother, an even more rambunctious little fellow. I brought him home Saturday night with my roommate, even though the car ride was a touch tense (poop smell and all). He’s been nervous these first few days of his first week here, but Tuesday he began to warm up to his surroundings.

Chilling on a pillow pet.
Chilling on a pillow pet.

I’ll admit, he opened up before I did. If you went back and read my other blog, you probably saw my blog on my anxiety and fears about new situations. If getting a puppy for the first time isn’t a new situation, then I don’t know what is. I slept next to him the first night – and still am – and cried the next morning because I kept myself up all night, listening for his “have to go to the bathroom” whines (he slept like a rock). Then I cried that night because he wanted to play and I needed to study/sleep, so I called my mom, took him for a walk, and then lulled him to sleep with the dulcet tones of me reading off common polyatomic ions. I, then, fell asleep listening to my mom – whom I hadn’t let hang up, still.

This morning I woke up, took him out straight away, and so far the day has gone fine. He has trouble with his crate – his foster mom said he may be claustrophobic – but I have moved it to the main floor so I can feed him in there and help him get used to the space. He is a smart, playful, clumsy dog, and he is willing to learn. I am one of those people that needs control, and, while I understand that is not wholly possible with other living things, having a well-trained dog that is smart, responsive, and friendly is my goal. Ultimately, I have high standards, and I know this, and I also know that he is still just a puppy, but I firmly believe the better I can train him and help him know what I want from him, the better his life can be.

So, in the vein of a little research notebook:

Week 1:

  • Cucu – personality fits namesake: energy is high, although notably affected by his changing life: seems to be settling in fairly well
  • Me – loving him thoroughly: timid to face the future, should failure be an option: feeling ultimately excited to face the challenge and learn more about this lovable creature.

I hope to post more like this: both to keep you guys updated, and to have a track book of this little guys life. So thanks for listening, and please post any advice or fun stories about your own pets in the comments. I’d love to hear from y’all!

2 thoughts on “Puppy-pocalypse 2014: Week 1

  1. Remember to breathe. He will adjust, and thrive. I’m here for any questions or issues that you have. Get a good night’s sleep, find what works for him, and enjoy the puppy stage because it will end before you’re ready.

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