Snow Day!

Hi all,

So today ended up being a snow day for me (mostly). I’ll be honest, I should have gone to my morning class, but it is a lecture, and it was too dang cold and rainy to walk a mile to sit in class for an hour. So I stayed home! And instead of doing any real work – except for a Biology virtual lab – I pined after this adorable dog that I fell in love with over the weekend. I’ll explain:

On Friday night, my mom and I discussed the idea of getting a dog when we move into a new house (fingers crossed) this summer. My parents can’t have one in the rental they are in right now, but I can have one at my apartment, I just have to do all the regular pet-at-a-rental-property thing-a-ma-jigs. It was just an hypothetical discussion at that point, that I would go ahead and get a dog, perhaps after Spring Break, and bring it home with me when I move back in July. This thought thrills me.

I am a care-giver and I need responsibility in my life. I need something to take care of, and I have missed the dog that we had to give to a friend before we moved to California (she was a rescue and far too nervous to brave the trip). My family has talked about getting a dog a lot over the years, but we have never been in a situation where a dog would seamlessly fit into the family.

So when my mom put this inkling into my head, I couldn’t help it. I happened to be near a PetSmart on Saturday, and that is usually when they bring in rescue groups to show the dogs available for adoption: I went. I saw them. These three adorable siblings (out of a litter of 8), two boys and a girl, sitting in a crate, just chilling on top of one another. They were too adorable: I couldn’t take my eyes off of them, and by the end of the day I had taken one – Jughead – for a walk. He was great – smart, responsive, playful, and yet calm. The poor thing did freak out a little girl that had been walking around with his brother, Chuck, when he went to play with him and did that ridiculous little puppy growl: the little girl’s dad felt the need to come try to take control of the situation, but I just stooped down and picked Jughead up and he stopped right away. He’s great.

I sent my mom a picture of him – and me – and she has apparently fallen in love with him, too. Now, we are in that waiting/planning phase of adopting where we just obsessively shop for pet supplies and research and look at his adoption listing every night before bed to make sure he is still there. I am waiting, specifically, for a response on the adoption application that I put in and for the snow to blow over so I can go visit him at the home of his foster family.

This post is getting long (apologies), so I’ll get to the point:

This is him.

I am – attempting – to adopt through the wonderful Two by Two Rescue in Helena. Check out their page, their Facebook, their animals. they were really great this weekend and I respect them a lot, already.

And lastly, do you guys have any advice for me? Anything you think is imperative to know before getting a dog – please remember that I am not un-researched (I am obsessive with research). Do you have any products that you think I should check out for training or just in general? Please, let me know in the comments!

Thanks y’all!

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