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Heyla, Hi, Howdy!

Heyla, Hi, Howdy!

So, this is the official first post! *chink, chink* Hooray! Join me with a glass of wine, or some other lovely, non-alcoholic beverage for those of you that are not quite of age.

Here, I really just want to talk about who I am, what my writing should/will be like. I am a student, finishing up my fourth (-ish, you can ask, but I might not answer) year at the University of Alabama: at the moment, I am planning to transfer to a Georgia school next year. I am a sporadic writer, that loves research and loves to write about what I learn, as well as writing poetry and, sometimes, non-fiction (still working on it).

My goal with this blog is to jot down notes, ideas, stories and such, as I go about figuring out my life and where it is headed – basically, it’s a diary, y’all. My main plan is to post at least three times a week, with, ideally, an overarching topic for the week to draw the posts together. In March, I do plan to take a trip cross-country and record and report my journey to you guys – we’ll see how that goes.

What should you expect as far as topics? Well, I’m glad you asked.

I am a history geek. I love sci-fi and scientific discoveries. I am interested in travel topics. I am a Chatty Kathy about my own life: I talk it out when I need to make decisions, even if it is to myself, so now it’s you. On top of these general ideas I am exceptionally random, so don’t get to set in my ways, eh (I mean, I plopped a picture of an artist’s rendering of a bee with this post – pretty sure I got it from Tumblr, let me know if it is yours and I’ll give you credit)?

Speaking of the photo, it links to my old blog; which, I would love for y’all to check out. My long-term plan is to archive the posts from there on this blog, for your reviewing pleasure. And I am sorry if you have a fear of bees.

I will also try to ask you guys a question to respond to at the end of every post: I am really hoping to have an interactive experience with this blog. Please, don’t hesitate to comment (or message, if you like) and leave me a response. So tonight’s question: Where are you from?

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