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Practice Post


I am planning a full, “first post” for tomorrow night, but for now, I’ll just say,”hey!” This is my new venture, with the help of my lovely brother and, hopefully, some new friends – all of y’all!

Okay so that was a little cheesy, but I am not lying. I want this blog to be interactive and a place to connect with all of you guys. While I am not on a good track to make any grandiose promises (just go check out my Blogger blog), I will say that my current goal is to be up and posting, like a normal person, by Valentine’s Day: that means having a system in place and posting regularly, b-t-dubs.

So that’s it for this one. The post coming tomorrow should be a bit more introductory and let ya know my goals for this blog, but again, this is not the stone table of Narnia, okie-day? Don’t expect too much – that’s my advice – but I would so appreciate you just signing up and coming along for the ride, no thought about how many stops we might make.

Thanks so much for coming this far! I can’t wait to get this all situmated and set. Feel free to let me know what you think!

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